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  • Covetrus:  Click here to shop our online pharmacy.
  • Oxbow Pet Products:  Complete line of foods and other products for small mammals.
  • Through a Dog's Ear and iCalmPet:  The only clinically researched auditory series with practical solutions for canine anxiety issues.
  • Thundershirts: Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure is a terrific solution for many types of dog anxiety, fearfulness, barking and more.

  • The Indoor Pet Initiative: This collection of web-based educational information has been helping to enrich the lives and diets of cats and strengthen the human-cat bond for nearly a decade. The recent addition of behavioral experts provides the ability to expand this program to include more companion pets, such as dogs, rabbits, birds and horses.
  • Pets and Parasites:  The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) is a non-profit organization of veterinarians and parasitologists dedicated to protecting your family and your pets from parasites and zoonotic disease.
  • Tick Information:  We are seeing a large increase in the numbers of ticks in our area.  With these ticks come diseases, such as Lyme Disease, that can affect our pets and humans.  This is an excellent website with information to keep safe.
  • TickEncounter.org is an excellent website that helps to identify the type of ticks you are seeing.
  • TickReport.com is a university laboratory that can test ticks you find for diseases such as Lyme.
  • Pet Food Recalls: List of pet food recalls from the AVMA website.
  • Pet Poison Helpline:  Pet Poison Helpline has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the management of pets exposed to potentially dangerous substances.
  • ASPCA Toxic & Nontoxic Plants:  List of toxic & nontoxic plants for dogs and cats on the ASPCA Poison Control website.
  • USDA APHIS website:  Government website that lists requirements for taking your pet to a foreign country or a different state and bringing a pet into the US from a foreign country.  Airlines may have additional, individual requirements for flying with your pet so contact them directly.  Once we know what is required for traveling with your pet, we can schedule the appropriate appointments for things like vaccinations and health certificates.